Forest Conservation Victoria is a grass-roots group that are taking a stand against the destructive logging that is happening all over Victoria. We practice non-violent direct action to campaign for permanent protection of forests and wildlife.
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  • Logging operations shut down across 8 areas throughout Victoria and NSW!
    Forest protests have been ramping up in the last few months and they’re only going to get stronger as logging continues in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency. Traditional Owners, regional communities, climate and conservation groups are now collectively demanding an immediate end to native forest logging. Today in Victoria blockades … Read more
  • Double blockade stops logging in Noojee and Cambarville for 8 days
    Logging has been halted in SEVEN coupes across Victoria today, with multiple tree-sits, walk-ins and lock-ons as Traditional Owners, regional communities and climate and conservation groups call for an immediate end to logging in native forests across the state. From Mount Cole in Western Vic, to Cambarville, Toolangi, Baw Baw, Noojee, and Lakes … Read more
  • Logging halted in 3 areas in Victoria’s Central Highlands on the day of Friends of Leaddies courtcase WIN!
    At the end of a massive day, our tree-sitter remains perched on their platform stopping the logging! Some big actions today, Kinglake Friends of the Forest Inc walk-in, lock ons at Big Pat’s Creek by Protect Warburton Ranges, protests in the city at Dan Andrews office, and an epic result coming from the Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum Inc. VS. VicForests … Read more
  • Warburton local locks on! Logging halted at ‘Pat’s Corner’ for the fourth day
    Nic, a Warburton local, has locked onto logging machinery this morning, halting the destruction of forests just outside Warburton for a fourth day! This comes after Alice, another member of the community, who had been occupying a tree-sit since Monday was arrested yesterday afternoon. The Dan Andrews government has lost all social license … Read more
  • Blockade established as Big Pat’s Creek local stands up against logging during COVID-19
    A blockade has been set up to obstruct clearfell logging operations that have commenced at Big Pat’s Creek, 6kms from Warburton, since the state entered stage 3 lockdown. Government logging agency, VicForests, have refused to act on concerns from community that logging forests at Big Pat’s Creek will jeopardise the local water supply. … Read more
  • Post-logging burn blankets local town in toxic smoke
    Lily D’Ambrosio MP is allowing her department to conduct dangerous post logging burns despite the current COVID-19 respiratory pandemic. Today, mere kilometres from the township of Warburton, a large logging coupe was set alight using dangerous chemicals, blanketing the local town in toxic smoke. The hazardous smoke can exacerbate lung conditions like #Covid_19 … Read more