Australian Paper: fuelling Victoria’s extinction crisis

Australian Paper have visitors this morning! This is the (Japanese owned) company that turns Victoria’s native forests into Reflex paper using our taxpayer dollars.

Australian Paper are currently logging what little remains of Kinglake, Baw Baw, Toolangi, Warburton, Healesville, East Gippsland, Marysville and Noojee. Enough’s enough Dan Andrews.

Over 80% of Victoria’s native forests end up pulped to make cheap, disposable copy paper. The Victorian government are logging forests for corporate profit, when Victorian’s want forests and wildlife protected.

For threatened species habitat loss, destruction of Melbourne’s water supply, increased bushfire risk and huge climate change contributions ALWAYS RELY ON REFLEX.

Published by Forest Conservation Victoria

Forest Conservation Victoria is a grassroots group that are taking a stand against the destructive logging that is happening all over Victoria. We practice non-violent direct action to campaign for permanent protection of forests and wildlife.

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