Post-logging burns choke local communities in the midst of a global respiratory crisis: Logging continues across Victoria despite COVID-19

While the world has come to a halt as a result of COVID-19, logging across Victoria’s native forests continues unabated. Currently, there are 16 active crews in our forests tearing down critical carbon stores, precious ecosystems and remaining habitat for bushfire affected threatened species. Solo logging operations have been discovered by the community during this global health crisis, a practice which is completely unacceptable and unsafe.

On top of this, there are 85 coupe burns planned by VicForests and DEWLP in the near future. Despite a nationwide lockdown and serious restrictions placed upon Australians to mitigate health risks and “flatten the curve”, these burns will have severe respiratory impacts on those living within the area. There has been a direct correlation found between Pm10 air pollution particulates and viral transmission. Our government is heightening risks to the community during a global pandemic.

Forest Conservation Victoria are taking COVID-19 seriously. We ask that at this time, stay safe and take care of yourself and your community. We also recognise that we cannot let the continued decimation of our forests go unchallenged. Please help keep the pressure up, while social distancing, by emailing your local members of parliament. Let them know that logging and polluting our air puts everyone at risk and cannot go ahead.

Dan Andrews:
Jaclyn Symes:
Lily D’Ambrosio MP:

Published by Forest Conservation Victoria

Forest Conservation Victoria is a grassroots group that are taking a stand against the destructive logging that is happening all over Victoria. We practice non-violent direct action to campaign for permanent protection of forests and wildlife.

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