Double blockade stops logging in Noojee and Cambarville for 8 days

Logging has been halted in SEVEN coupes across Victoria today, with multiple tree-sits, walk-ins and lock-ons as Traditional Owners, regional communities and climate and conservation groups call for an immediate end to logging in native forests across the state. From Mount Cole in Western Vic, to Cambarville, Toolangi, Baw Baw, Noojee, and Lakes Entrance in East Gippsland. We are stepping up. We are escalating. Because these forests need protection now.

No prior consent has been given from Traditional Owners, and despite the Federal Court ruling that the logging is illegal, the state-sanctioned destruction continues. Logging fuels climate change, increasing the risk of bushfire, which in turn destroys more forest, further exacerbating climate change. This deadly cycle must be broken by ending native forest logging.

The legality of logging in any forests under the RFAs is under serious question. The Andrews government is effectively ignoring state and federal laws, and now everyday citizens are being left to hold them accountable by taking legal action, and physically putting their bodies on the line to stop the logging. Actions to stop this unlawful destruction will only escalate until state and federal governments step up to protect forests.

Massive thanks to all the amazing grass-roots community groups involved to pull off these epic actions!
Protect Warburton Ranges FLAC Kulin Nation/Melbourne Kinglake Friends of the Forest Inc Toolangi Forest Protection Group Eco-shout Goongerah Environment Centre GECO

UPDATE: Its day 3 here of the double blockade in Cambarville and Noojee!

In Cambarville, two threatened Greater Gliders have been seen by our tree-sitter in neighbouring trees. These Gliders would have perished if it weren’t for the brave actions of our conservationists, while the government is failing to protect wildlife seriously threatened with extinction.

Two conservationists have spent 3 days perched high in the canopy occupying tree-sits to stop the government agency VicForests logging these two incredible areas of forest.

The tall wet forests of the Central Highlands provide homes for threatened species who’s homes are being destroyed by government logging.

Traditional Owners have condemned the theft of these forests. There is no consent from First Nations Peoples to log here. Elders and Traditional owners are speaking up against the handing over of their Traditional Country, Totems, Stories and Cultural Values to logging agencies without their consent.

The recent federal court judgment has found that this state-sanctioned logging is in breach of state and federal environment laws. This logging is criminal. But authorities could arrive in the coming days to arrest the protesters, instead of stopping this unlawful destruction.

UPDATE: This afternoon government authorities arrived at both of the protests in Cambarville and Noojee and arrested the two brave conservationists who had been occupying tree-sits for 8 days! This is an incredible effort! These areas are critical habitat for threatened species, and we maintain that the logging here is illegal.

We can’t thank you enough for your support in the last 8 days. If you have the means to chip in with a donation, please go to our Chuffed link here:

We are a 100% volunteer run, grass-roots group. These actions take a lot of effort to pull off, with many of us juggling study, work, and other commitments. All donations go straight into more actions, and we can’t do it without your support.

The last week has been tough at times at both camps, and at many of our past actions. Bullying, credible threats of violence, and intimidation from loggers is something we deal with a lot on the front-lines. We don’t usually talk about this aspect of our actions and campaign, as we always want to focus on the importance of forest conservation, and the values that we are here to protect. But we feel it’s important that we speak up.

We have had conversations with so many local community members across Victoria that want to see an end to native forest logging, but there are some that also feel they can’t speak up about the issue in their community, due to fears of violence and intimidation from a small group of individuals who use these tactics to silence people speaking out against this destructive industry.

We maintain that we will always protest peacefully, and non-violently. The strength and passion of the people involved in this fight for the forests is what keeps us going and knowing that our actions have a direct impact to stop the government logging these precious native forests. We will continue to take action until this destruction ends, and we won’t be waiting till 2030.

The forests where we have been protesting belong to the First Nations peoples of this Country. We act and stand in solidarity with Traditional Owner’s who have looked after Country for thousands of years.

We pay our deepest respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge that there is NO CONSENT to log these forests, and that there is no environmental justice without First Nations justice.

We want to say a massive thank you to all the folks who were involved in last Tuesday’s epic actions, and to everyone for your ongoing support. See you in the forests very soon.

Published by Forest Conservation Victoria

Forest Conservation Victoria is a grassroots group that are taking a stand against the destructive logging that is happening all over Victoria. We practice non-violent direct action to campaign for permanent protection of forests and wildlife.

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