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Logging operations shut down across 8 areas throughout Victoria and NSW!

Forest protests have been ramping up in the last few months and they’re only going to get stronger as logging continues in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency. Traditional Owners, regional communities, climate and conservation groups are now collectively demanding an immediate end to native forest logging.

Today in Victoria blockades and walk-ins have halted logging in the Black Range, Toolangi, Lakes Entrance, and Mt Disappointment while in NSW, Gumbaynggirr Custodians and community members have locked onto logging machinery and are calling for an immediate end to logging across Gumbaynggirr country. Protests are also being staged at the Pyrenees State Forest and Darebin.

Here in the Black Range we’re stopping the destruction of Greater Glider habitat where little remains after extensive logging and bushfires. There is no social licence to continue decimating these forests and the government has a responsibility to put an end to this destructive industry immediately.

Help end native forest logging by joining us out here on the front lines and supporting these actions at

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UPDATE: Day 2 has come to a close at Black Range, with police and search and rescue arriving this afternoon. Our brave possum has now been removed from their 30m high platform, leaving the 5 machines in this forest to continue logging. 4 Greater Gliders have been found in this coupe, and a sooty owl, powerful owl and a koala recorded in the immediate surrounds.

With climate change now presenting an existential threat, native forest logging is well and truely past it’s used-by date. Given the added pressure of intensified bushfires and the broader effects of global warming, it is becoming harder and harder to ensure the survival of these forests, which we desperately need for carbon storage and wildlife habitat. Every time we stand up against logging, it becomes increasingly clear just how little time we have to protect what’s left, and just how much is riding on our success.

We have been protesting on Taungurung country. We pay respects to elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge the thousands of years of custodianship they have had over these lands.

Thanks to all the people who came out to support or donated to keep us going. We’ll see you in the forests again soon.

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